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dbCOPY Database Tools

Copy, convert and manage your data in several common databases

dbCOPY is a database copy and conversion suite that enables you to move data within heterogeneous database environments. Whether a one-time data migration or routine copying between different database systems, you’ll be able to set up new data migration and copy jobs easily within minutes and reliably solve your DBA tasks while freeing up IT staff from tedious jobs—without the challenges associated with manual or less capable data-conversion applications.

6 Different Copy Modes

6 Different Copy Modes: Transfer, Update, Append, Export, Delete & Copy, Update Existing

dbCOPY has 6 different copy modes which allow you to copy data between various database systems in any business setting.

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Supports major databases

mySQL, SQL Server, Access, Excel, Paradox, XML, CSV

dbCOPY support the most common database systems and more and more databases are added!

Advanced Copy Options

Advanced Options

With advanced features like merging several columns, split culumn-values and conversion between different column types and systems—all configured in a step-by-step wizard—dbCOPY Data Conversion & Copy Suite is the fastest and most powerful database conversion and copy suite available. Immediately check your results with the integrated viewer and automate your tasks through the included console application.