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December 18, 2009

dbCOPY is famous for its high-speed data conversions between Paradox and any other supported database system like mySQL or SQL Server. In the following we describe a typical data export from Paradox to mySQL which shows how easy it is to migrate to another DBS with dbCOPY.

1.) dbCOPY starts with a task-oriented, simple interface that offers access to the most heavily used features. In this case we select “Export“. But you could also use features like Update or Append as soon as you have created the table structure (or in case that you would like to transfer data regularly between Paradox and another DBS).

Start Screen

2.) In the next step we configure our source and target connection.

Paradox Connection mySQL Connection

3.) The Table Mapping Dialog allows us to specify which tables should be exported. You could also rename the table or append a timestamp to every table created (useful for regular backups).

Table Mapping Finished

4.) If necessary you could also configure a specific field mapping. In our example we would like to fill the field ‘City’ with the static value ‘New York’ and replace the strings ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’ with 0 respectively 1.

Field Mapping Replacement Table

5.) To start the process just click ‘Start’ and dbCOPY automatically creates the table structure and copies the data. In our example it just takes 765ms to build the structure and transfer more than 900 records.

Copy Process

6.) You can immediately check the results with the integrated database viewer.


We hope that this walk-through explains to you how easy it is to migrate data from Paradox to another database with dbCOPY. In case that you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

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