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New Minor Update

February 22, 2010

We’ve updated dbCOPY recently! We focused primarily on bug fixes especially concerning SQL Server. As usual, you can download the latest version through our web interface!

Stay tuned about dbCOPY using Twitter

December 22, 2009

Next to this blog, our e-mail service, telephone hotline and our GetSatisfaction forum, we would like to announce our Twitter service. Using Twitter we will keep you up-to-date about the current development of dbCOPY. Just click on this small button to follow us on Twitter:

Follow dbCOPY on Twitter

dbCOPY 4.1 is online!

December 18, 2009

We are glad to announce that dbCOPY 4.1 is online and ready to be downloaded. Among many other improvements, we implemented several new features in our database viewer. From now on you are able to open several tabs at the same time and to create filters to limit the amount of data shown. Both features were frequently asked for and we are especially happy to fulfil these requests today. Furthermore, you’ll find many other improvements spread over dbCOPY and a number of bug fixes. This does also include a severe bug concerning SQL Server in specific network situations. For our German customers, we are happy to offer also a localized version of dbCOPY – Just start dbCOPY on a German Windows system to take advantage of this translation.

If you have any other feature requests or questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

New features of dbCOPY: Tabs and filter
New features of dbCOPY: Tabs and filter

New Update – dbCOPY 4.0.25

July 19, 2009

We fixed some bugs concerning mySQL 4.1 with our latest update. Thanks Thomas for reporting this bug! Additionally, we updated the mySQL Connector and some internal libraries. Unfortunately, we have to wait for mySQL to fix some other bugs regarding mySQL 4.1.

You can download the latest version of dbCOPY in your personal login area.

New Paradox Module!

July 13, 2009

We received so much feedback that you would like to have a Paradox database module integrated into dbCOPY 4. Since it was also a big success in dbCOPY 3 we decided to handle it as a top priority and published the Paradox module end of last week. At the moment it supports only read operations but we are on the way to implement writing and updating as well.

Please have a look at our walk-through which explains in-depth how to export data from Paradox to mySQL.

First feedback!

July 10, 2009

Almost immediately after our feedback offer we received the first mails from our customers with compliments, ideas and (for sure) criticism. We are more thank grateful for all the insightful feedback!

Just a short summary:

  • Most customers were very pleased about all the new features
  • They miss Paradox
    • We are currently working on a Paradox module and it will be online very soon!
  • There were so many opinions about the new design. Some loved it, some were not so sure about it. What is your opinion?
  • Nobody had problems to install and activate dbCOPY – That’s great news :)

What do you think?

dbCOPY 4 Launch!

July 9, 2009

After three years of development, we finished dbCOPY 4 some weeks ago. We are more than happy about that and hope you’ll enjoy the new release as much as we do!

There are so many changes and new features that it’s probably the easiest to have a look at our Feature list and our Walkthrough.

As a special offer we sent a mail to all our customers and invited 20 of them to receive dbCOPY 4 for free in return for some feedback. The response on this offer was incredible and we hope to gain valuable insight of what you like and which features you miss!

If you have any questions about dbCOPY or would like to propose a new feature, please do not hesitate to use our feedback button! We would love to hear your opinion about dbCOPY 4!

dbCOPY 4.0 is out now!

May 14, 2009

Take a look at our Walkthrough!