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Feature List

Supported Databases

  • SQL Server®
  • MySQL®
  • Access®
  • Paradox (read-only)
  • Excel®
  • CSV/Text
  • MS XML
  • Additional database modules have been developed and will be available for purchase soon


  • English
  • German

Copy Modes

  • Copy data records between different database systems
  • 6 different copy modes :
  1. Transfer – All data records are copied from the source to the target database
  2. Update – Target data records are updated by source records and new entries are added
  3. Delete & Copy – The target table is cleaned and all data records are copied from the source to the target database
  4. Update Existing – Target data records are updated by source records but new entries are not added
  5. Append – Source data records are copied to the target database if they do not already exist in the target database
  6. Export – A new table is created and all source data records are copied to the new table

Export Mode

  • Export your table structure directly to another DBS , including basic column information and primary keys
  • Automate your export job and use table names which include the current time or other values to generate regular backups *

Column- and Table Mapping

  • User-defined table and column mapping
  • Freely connect tables and columns which each other
  • Merge several tables into one table
  • Filter your source database

Data Conversion Features

  • Use SQL Server scripts as field source – Execute a SQL script for each record (or once) and use the result to fill your target fields
  • Replacement Table – Use conditions to fill the target database , e.g., replace every “Ms” with “1 ,” or use intervals and regular expressions
  • Merge columns – Merge the contents of several source columns and individual content to one target column *
  • Split columns– Split source columns using predefined separators or regular expressions *

Console Application*

  • Execute exported copy jobs
  • Easily integrate into Windows® Task Manager
  • Quiet mode

Viewer and SQL Server Editor

  • Have one database viewer for all your database systems
  • Integrated SQL editor
  • Export data directly from your executed SQL scripts
  • Edit, insert and delete data records

Additional features

  • Full Unicode support
  • Connection bookmarks
  • Export and import copy jobs
  • Detailed log files

* Feature of dbCOPY 4 Pro